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Diamond Concentrates Shatter

Located in Vancouver, Canada, Diamond Concentrates delivers in top grade marijuana concentrates. Using an excellent new extraction technique to neatly craft a wide array of some of the leading concentrates, shatter, and live resin they can offer Canada. Since the national legalization of marijuana in Canada, users deserve to enjoy quality grade products that can provide alternatives for instant pain relief in some CBD products as well as recreational enhancing products that can serve in terms of a distinctly unique high.

Diamond Concentrates allows cannabis users to seek out THC and CBD products that can be used for medicinal purposes as well as recreational uses! Shatter, live resin, and other concentrates are available in a huge variety of some of your favorite and even new OG strains and hybrids. Their products come in dazzling packaging and wrappings and come ready for your taking. Diamond Concentrates uses quality grown and cultivated marijuana plants as well as utilizes top-notch extraction techniques.

With various shops across British Columbia in places like Vancouver and Toronto, Diamond Concentrates selects the rare and the best marijuana strains from Victoria, Kelowna, St. John’s, and Montreal. Weed is a miracle plant with so many uses and options to create products, and Diamond Concentrates breaks down the best way to give consumers a great smoke session experience.

One of the first companies to thoroughly establish itself throughout Canada, upholding quality marijuana plants, products, extracts, and experiences, Diamond Concentrates makes do with intricate extraction processes and techniques to create this broad range of amazing, potent and multi-use shatters for all kinds of marijuana consumers. They find the rarest, the cleanest, and the most influential strains and craft shatter, unlike many other comparable brands.

Diamond Concentrates explores the versatility and range of the marijuana plant with extractions that use quality components from rare, classic, and innovative strains. New extractions techniques enable this company to truly get at the heart of making grade A marijuana products. From disposable and rechargeable vape pens to delicious and potent shatter, to sugar wax, Diamond Concentrates handles it all and figures out the best way to get THC packed into each of their goods.

Finding the right cannabis products that work for you can be difficult if you’re new to the world of weed or if you’re unsure of actual medicinal uses of the plant itself. Diamond Concentrates gives you the ability to search through grade A extracts, shatter, and resin that can help you improve the mood of recreational activities as well as inspire those who need their creative juices flowing. Their shatters all give consumers great tastes with heavy body stones and head highs that you can feel almost instantly. All of their products hold some medicinal uses for chronic physical disorders, sleep apnea or insomnia, as well as nausea and triggering anxiety.

Diamond Concentrates obtains some of the most premium cannabis plants from St. Vincent, Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto to infuse into their extracts, shatters, and vape pens. Consumers can expect quality assured THC that’s potent and comes from some of the most popular, rare, and unique hybrid weed strains. Shatter and wax concentrates have been on a steady incline as most accessible vape and shatter tools have been produced in conjunction with these amazing extract creations. So Diamond Concentrates has designed shatter, live resin, and wax/dabs that are easy to break apart, come packaged, and ready in eye-candy appeal with shatters that look so glossy, shimmering and polished.

Their dazzling and colorful bags set you in the mood to embark on whatever spiritual weed journey that your shatter or wax is going to guide you towards with a tingling high. With a small following, Diamond Concentrates is Canada’s best-kept secret for outstanding marijuana goods. These extracts are perfect to have on the go or to save for the end of a rough day, as well as just a simple stress relief tool. Depending on the strain extracted into the shatter, wax, or resin determines the potency and other psychoactive effects one experiences.

This large variety of shatter and waxes brings a new aspect to the marijuana industry that needs to be appreciated and explored. When people think of weed users they automatically think of images of pizza eating, slow-talking, dry-eyed, baggy clothed people and the image and culture of the stoner has dramatically evolved since then. In trying shatters, live resins, or waxes, you can experience a different kind of high and various levels of potency that do have distinct differences compared to smoking just the normal flowers themselves. Complex in flavor, aroma, textures,  effectiveness, and polished appeal, these extracts from Diamond Concentrates truly provide consumers with a thrilling and calming encounter with some of their favorite or new marijuana plants unlike ever before.

Extracts like shatter maintain a more refined look and taste that comes through for consumers in its efficacy and potential for powerful highs. Experimenting with a multitude of marijuana products enables users to find out if they like the plant itself, and what kind of products would work best for their liking.  Diamond Concentrates makes sure to provide that wide selection of cannabis goods so consumers can figure out what appeals best to their weed needs. Their new disposable vape pens have grown popular for easy access and on the go smoke sessions that can give you a powerful punch that evolves over time. Marijuana has truly glowed up since its recreational and medicinal revamp in the 20th century. The entire culture has shifted to more social acceptance of marijuana usage and the demographic of consumers has extended worldwide.  Cultivating quality weed has become popular and finding the best ways to extract as much THC or CBD from the flowers has grown exponentially through the years. Diamond Concentrates is determined to service Canada’s new cannabis needs. Their products raise the bar for a marijuana experience alternative to the typical smoking of the flower itself. Consumers can thoroughly enjoy the wide range of Mary J products from Diamond Concentrates.


When you think gelato you probably imagine some luxurious rich and creamy ice cream like flavors. Iconic, tiramisu, pistachio, and banana tastes dance in your mind. Diamond Concentrates gives you that amazing sweetness flavor in their Gelato Shatter. Each pack includes one gram of Gelato that will make you fall in love instantly with its accessibility, sweet taste, and heavy body high.

Gelato bud itself is an interesting cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. This indica hybrid holds a wicked strong potency that can intoxicate you in the best way possible. With sweetness to the taste, Diamond Concentrates’ Gelato Shatter can cause dry mouth as well as dry eyes, but your taste buds will savor the sweet flavor. The perfection extraction used in this shatter can effectively be used to calm depressive episodes or mood swings while also helping with decreasing stress and anxiety symptoms. One wift of this amazing shatter and you’re in for some heavy-hitting relief; a high that can wind you down into sleep.

This shatter stays true to the sticky goodness of its name and provides any lucky consumer a joyous experience. Using Gelato Shatter for instant pain management and other medicinal use will have you experiencing sedation like no other. Make no mistake in underestimating the strength of Gelato Shatter and experience it for yourself with Diamond Concentrates caliber new product! It tastes great and brings you to shatter high heaven with a delicious sweet taste made for easy use.

5th Element

Diamond Concentrates stays ahead of the game in presenting this amazing shatter for 5th Element. This shatter makes for a buzzing body high that can leave you completely buzzed and left in a warm embrace.  This indica dominant hybrid stems from a mix of Black Berry and Allspark OG leaving for an excellent liberating sensation.

The bud itself carries a strong lemon scent, leaving the shatter to have that same sharp lemony taste. Consumers can utilize 5th Element for overall relaxation and pain relief. It can help with intense body aches or disorders like muscle spasms or cramps.5th Element can also improve issues with indigestion.  Smoking some of  This unique extraction of shatter can also help with cases of insomnia guiding you into a night of uninterrupted deep sleep. This shatter is not meant for first-time marijuana consumers due to the intense and buzzing body high. For intermediate shatter pros, this hazy bud concentrate can make you feel wrapped in warmth and is great to work with for recreational purposes!

Diamond Concentrate’s 5th Element Shatter delivers brilliant and practical medicinal appliances. It should definitely be considered to add to one’s everyday medicinal routine or the creative process that’s had you in a rut. This shatter can work as a sedative and increase positive emotions with a heavy-hitting high that overcomes the body joyously. Trying some of this shatter will be a dope choice to explore as potent concentrate alternatives. So give Diamond Concentrate’s 5th Element Shatter a go and you won’t regret it.


Depending on the kind you choose, some weed is known for inducing a serious case of the funnies. And with Magnum Shatter you can plan to be cracking up for as long as your high lasts! Its spicy and peppery taste awakens the senses and takes yours on a humorous journey with each intake!  Magnum shatter makes for a grand time with loads of laughing and immediate euphoria.

Magnum Gelato holds a lovely and pleasant floral scent and flavoring that improves and uplifts your spirits from whatever sour mood or stressful encounter you may have been dealing with. It can liberate you from depressive lows so you can settle in and watch old sitcom reruns that will keep you cackling at the silliest moments throughout your high! Magnum Gelato makes for a wonderful self-care treat after any stressful time or even if you’re just looking to take time just for you and need a relaxing option. This shatter can be used as a quick sedative if you smoke just the right amount and you can drift off into a blissful rest.

Overall, you will experience a calming body high with this indica dominant concentrate. Diamond Concentrates gives you a delectable taste of strong floral undertones and works as wonderful as it smells. Diamond Concentrates focuses on supplying consumers with prime concentrates and their Magnum Shatter does that justice to THC. Try it today and gain some tactful perspective on the world of THC concentration.


Have you ever smoked the perfect bowl and then began some guided meditation practice? If you ever do try this, try Diamond Concentrates’ Cannasutra Shatter instead! A truly moving and spiritual experience when you encounter this shatter, but it can also sharpen your senses with its bold sensational effects. This shatter is no joke!

Cannasutra soothes you into a more focused state of consciousness on a full-body high with its coarse and green taste. It is earthy divine with a smell and aroma similar to some of your favorite incenses. One hit is hearty and bold and can make you cough a bit all while uplifting your overall mood and stature. There will be an instantaneous grounding of you to make the senses keener and to heighten your ultimate awareness.

Cannasutra is great for a multitude of medical uses including instances such as cramping, quaking, and spasms. Also, it’s a terrific alleviation for medical patients struggling with nausea and vomiting, lack of appetite, and extreme stressors. You can rest assured knowing that Cannasutra Shatter from Diamond Concentrates is produced with quality extracts that can serve you in medical and creative instances. You can shine and feel more connected to yourself after using this brilliantly created shatter. It does its job in mood-boosting and making you feel released to your environment. The after-effects will lull you into deep meditation or off to a serene and content rest period. Definitely add Diamond Concentrates’ Cannasutra Shatter to your list of incredible and powerful cannabis possibilities today!

Batman OG

Notorious for his gallant and stoic manner, maintaining the mystery and balancing his egos, Batman always manages to save the day. Diamond Concentrates presents Batman OG Shatter to save your day! This is a wildly and wickedly potent indica that does not hold back in the instantaneous high that will go beyond rocking your world.

Batman OG Shatter holds significant placid and sedative properties that are great to use for rough nights or mild insomnia disorders. The piney aroma and earthy flavor notes make for a hearty essence that refuses to disappoint. The bud itself has that power skunk scent that can deliver you into a hazy dream state. If you’re nauseated, find a seat and take a few hits of this shatter and your stomach will be at bay. If you just had a full meal and overstuffed yourself, a Batman OG Shatter can help break down your meal as well as any other post digestion struggles. Heck, if you’re not eating enough, this shatter can even help in increasing your appetite.

If you have never used any kind of shatter before or are new to this accessible cannabis alternative, then Batman OG Shatter is definitely not meant for you. You will immediately be met with a tingling body high that whips you into la-la land. You can creatively get lost in an awesome marijuana haze induced by Diamond Concentrates’ Batman OG Shatter. Laugh your way through the night and cap it all off with a deep slumber like no other. Add Batman OG Shatter to your nightly routine and it will be the best choice you can make for any cannabis purchase.

Blue Kiss

Blue Kiss Shatter under a starry night can only foster sensations of purity and loveliness. This rare shatter is being presented to you from Diamond Concentrates. Made with excellent THC extract, Blue Kiss Shatter holds nothing back in engulfing any consumers into a blue euphoric haze like that of Alice in Wonderland. With Blue Dream as one parent plant to this indica hybrid extract,  Blue Kiss loves to surround you in a subtle rapture. Experimenting with Blue Kiss shatter means you get that rough yet sweet blueberry tartness and a spicy afterbite.

Use this shatter in blissful moderation to get rid of annoying tension headaches, stubborn migraines, and mild nausea. Or get some hardcore munchies after a few puffs of Blue Kiss Shatter to whet the appetite. This shatter concentrate comes from a rare strain that isn’t as popular as other indica dominants but is worthy for its sweet notes. Blue Kiss Shatter magnifies any positive moods to new levels.

In addition to that skyrocketing peak of happiness, in terms of social awkwardness, Blue Kiss Shatter fends off your social anxiety making you loosen up, become more chatty and lively! So you can finally have this party weed extract as a Plan B to a failed pick up line. Consumers also increase self-awareness along with a sense of purpose taking puffs of this delectable compound. Diamond Shatter ceases to disappoint in their variety and ability to produce top-notch extracts that do just the trick. Try Blue Kiss Shatter to experience your own slice of paradise in a body high of pure ecstasy.


Many anti-marijuana proponents would argue that any plant or product named after the devil himself is not a good crop of the earth. Yet, Diamond Concentrates’ Diablo Shatter shows out for a multitude of medical ailments, as well as revitalizing the physical, mental, emotional aspects of the body that may need a bit of true self-care. Rest assured that Diablo Shatter has got you covered in regards to small aches and minor temple, muscle, or tension point aggravations. On the build-up to the high, those aggregations will burn away like ashes to dust off.

Diablo normally holds a long-lasting high, and with Diablo Shatter, you are in for a trip unlike any other. It has a pungent and defined scent of a blend between smoky black pepper hits, blueberry, grapefruit, and mango-like aroma. Makes for a real inhale of the dark lord. Diablo Shatter mixes fruity smack with spicy zest in one heck of an aftertaste. This makes for a stellar day time product that gives you that long-awaited energize bump to get you through the final hours of a long shift. Or if at home, consumers get immediate stress relief.

Overall Diablo Shatter from Diamond Concentrates exhilarates you and can benefit you in moments of solid creative exercises. It’ll be like the devil himself guiding you to paint or sketch that transcendent masterpiece that your artist’s block has withheld you from for so long. Diablo Shatter treats your body kindly and indulges you in taking time for elation. Try Diablo Shatter from Diamond Concentrates today!

Forbidden Fruit

When God made the Earth for Adam and Eve, he probably gave them weed, but Eve messed it up for everybody with that dang apple. Maybe that’s why God included insanely delicious grape and multi berry fruit flavors to savor in the Forbidden Fruit strain of marijuana plants. In particular, Diamond Concentrates’ Forbidden Fruit Shatter delivers in that godly goodness with the perfect extract of THC.

Imagine getting so lifted that you make it to the gates of Eden to be greeted by the ultimate treasures of divine deep slumber,  a packed vape on command, and some of your favorite munchies?! Needless to say that Forbidden Fruit Shatter is a powerhouse concentrate you can take to become more self-aware. You can very literally feel your body try to elevate itself into the clouds. Forbidden Fruit Shatter most definitely evolves into a godly encounter hence its cherub title.

God has a great taste for in Diamond Concentrates’ Forbidden Fruit Shatter, you enjoy this succulent tang. Such a divine shatter would pair great as a dessert substitute after a hearty meal. Not only that, but Forbidden Fruit Shatter proves most useful during meditations aiding anyone in a soul search or overall seeking of clarity. On the mental and emotional front, this shatter helps with intermediate insomnia and mild to chronic pain symptoms as well! Once you open a package of Forbidden Fruit Shatter you can fixate your eyes on a gooey and taffy-like texture concentrate with a glowing maple syrup glossed appearance. Choosing Forbidden Fruit Shatter from Diamond Concentrates means you can find peace in knowing that you reap the rewards of quality crafted extract with savory tastes!

El Chapo

El Chapo Shatter is not a dangerous, over stimulating product  that can incapacitate you and it definitely does not live up to the notorious hype and extensive criminal records of the actual El Chapo Guzman. But- El Chapo Shatter from Diamond Concentrates serves consumers in its own devious and delightful manner. Abrasive in its title and its texture, this shatter can give any consumer the warmth you deserve.

Any fan of this shatter will appreciate its unique potency that extends to a full, head quaking, body tingle. The skunk scent of  piney, lemony, and earthy aroma makes for a distinct air that can fill up a room. Fresh out the package, El Chapo Shatter holds a gorgeous amber shimmer with a glossed goo texture that gets you pumped for a taste. This particular extract definitely comes in handy when dealing with cases of inflammation and intense muscle spasms. El Chapo wards off  depression symptoms like people from the plague. Expect some intoxicated giggles with this shatter ride.

Although, devious in its name, this heavy hitter looks and smells like it came fresh out from the forest floor bed of a great pine tree. It truly make syou puff your chest and your lungs out once you enjoy a thorough coarse hit. The powerful hits make for a jittery free sedative. Having one session with this dank sativa dominant hybrid extract will leave you craving more. You are sure to make El Chapo Shatter a back pocket mary jane lifesaver product.

Alien Rock Candy

Stoners, hippies, and alien conspiracy theories go hand in hand. So why not hold Diamond Concentrates’ Alien Rock Candy Shatter at the ready?! After just a couple of hits, you’ll be ready to raid area 51 in no time.  Diamond Concentrates presents to you a shatter that will be just as appealing to the palate as much as it appeals to your nose with that lustrous orange scent to arouse the senses when you open up the bag!

Alien Rock Candy Shatter is made from the extracts of the hybrid green buds itself. When you pack your vape pen, you will feel that citrus roughness and once you hit it the sour grapefruit acidity with hints of lemon and lime like notes will hit you like a twenty wheeler. This shatter expands your energy levels and once you reach that high you can only feel happiness. The slow burn body sensation leads you to a peak that then overcomes the entire body, melting you into a state of pure bliss.

This sativa extracted shatter has a dank orange smell that makes you excited to rip open the package. Alien Rock Candy Shatter can help those that suffer with debilitating depressive states, those who need slight mood stability, as well as those that need to acquire management of minor PTSD triggers or symptoms. Once you take it out of the bag, it’s refined glow will enthrall you and enlighten your spirits. Alien Rock Candy Shatter from Diamond Concentrates shows out as an ultimate  ethereal encounter with the herbal reincarnation of the third kind.

California Love

Cali Love is real and it’s in the form of cannabis shatter. Diamond Concentrates has mastered the art of weed extraction and presents to you the California Love Shatter. The popular OG  Kush bud is now being offered in this smooth tasting and fragrant choice. Born from Pie Face OG and Coastal Haze, California Love engulfs you in a warm buzzing elevation, unlike other OG strains. California Love Shatter holds a vivid earthy green appearance in its translucent extract state.

The skunk zesty scent brings you a ground halting instant physical stone. Make sure to use it with caution because of its intense potency. Cali Love Shatter is here for patients or consumers seeking a break from pains caused by diseases or physical disorders. Other chronic illnesses in addition to depression mood swings and symptoms can be cleared away once taking some rips of California Love Shatter.

Individuals with low tolerances should certainly avoid inhaling too much of this California Love Shatter because it can cause a powerfully overtaking of the senses. And we don’t want trips to spiral out of hand.  Diamond Concentrates makes sure to extract a significant amount of THC from the California Love bud to make it’s sister shatter equally as mighty. That immediate meeting with euphoria on a lasting high feels like a fever dream of waking affection. The shatter itself takes on this dark polished amber glow and is easy to break apart. California Love Shatter dazes you instantly and fulfills multiple medical and artistic needs while stimulating your sensitivities.

Space Cookies

It’s probably not hard to imagine, what you would want the perfect intergalactic cookie to even measure up to in flavor. Space Cookie Shatter from Diamond Concentrates offers an immediate solution to your space cookie dilemma. The bud itself resembles a spaced out Christmas tree, shaded in a glorious emery hue. As for the shatter, Space Cookie shatter pleases with this zesty pine flavor one can recognize instantly, however, there’s also this spicy aftertaste that promotes soothing and releases bodily tension.

For anyone hosting a smoke session with Space, Cookies Shatter should count on an otherworldly experience. You get possessed by this obscured serenity and it engages you with your body and present environment. Any patient dealing with mild to severe cases of migraines, chronic insomnia should take advantage of Space Cookie Shatter from Diamond Concentrates because they use innovative techniques to muscle up the best bits of the THC in the bud itself. You will sway with that first head buzz. It can also be used as a muscle relaxer or can combat nausea fits.

This re-imagined Space Cookie Shatter presents consumers with a universal impression of happiness. Such a shatter pairs great with a meal, and you can fall into full-on zen mode. That sugary-sweet intake is surprisingly similar to cookie dough only with slight citrus zest. You’ll have no trouble zoning out from reality when you have a seat and puff puff pass with Space Cookies Shatter from Diamond Concentrates. You can delightfully indulge in the airy sensation that this perfectly designed Space Cookie Shatter presents to you.


The notorious bright red shoe boy who zips to and from danger and goofy villains established itself as a staple on Japanese manga culture. And the hybrid indica version of the same name has now found its way into shatter form. Astroboy Shatter from Diamond Concentrates introduces a surreal day high shatter that sparks hyperawareness.

Astroboy Shatter swifts away chronic stressors, nerve issues,  and sedates quaking and tremors throughout the body. If you have anxiety or are dealing with anxiety-induced triggers, Astroboy Shatter melts those worries away instantaneously. For the ladies, this shatter greatly soothes menstrual or muscle cramps. All the sweet fruity sensation and nutty, citrus pine notes pack powerfully with each intake of this sticky haze shatter. Maintaining good hydration while using this shatter is also highly recommended. The body rush can cause some dizziness from the intensity of that first hit, so definitely stay hydrated and use caution during your session with Astroboy.

While smoking you’ll get some creative flares in curiosity and hyper-awareness. Meaning paying way more attention to detail and getting intricate with your environment. Throughout your smoke session, there will be a steadily progressive high that you won’t come down from until you’re rocked into a placid sleep. Astroboy Shatter is a great way to expand your variety of marijuana alternatives. Diamond Concentrates presents the best in cannabis shatter and Astroboy Shatter has built a name for itself amongst happy consumers. Fly high and come down at your own discretion with Astroboy Shatter from Diamond Concentrates.

Death Bubba

Rest assured that you won’t die with this shaded green shatter. Death Bubba Shatter from Diamond Concentrates comes in a darkened sage color, of a glass-covered appearance. Diamond Shatter is exact in extracting the most powerful components of this tantalizing body rush. Really something to be experienced first hand. Death Bubba Shatter breaks down your high into a decent range of medicinal and creative explorations. Additionally, this shatter remains dank and defined in its musky fragrance and sweet lemongrass smoke.

The smoke from your first session with Death Bubba will engulf you in a pine forest haze that can just as easily sedate you under its spell. As opposed to over the counter painkillers, using this shatter can be turned into a natural remedy with just a few hits. You also get this intoxicating sleep that’s helpful for long rough nights, so look forward to some uninterrupted rest. Death Bubba becomes a reliable shatter for inflammation, joint stress, and muscle spasms. Ultimately coming to the rescue for certain ailments and conditions that cause immense discomfort. m,

Death Bubba Shatter can also help you realign your focus and increase your motivation to clean the house, bust out an essay, or work on projects that need an extra creative touch. Such an extract presents itself boldly with a coarse smoky aftertaste. This shatter has been crafted for ultimate body pleasure especially in times when you’re desperately craving rest and release. Loosen up and buy the dope Death Bubba Shatter today. It is worthy of its ultimate cerebral elevation.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are truly a blessed sight to see and when you compact that into a powerful plant you get a worthy dose of dank loud! Northern Lights Shatter from Diamond Concentrates brings on a precise combination of sweet and sourness almost like a hard candy bite. Brash, in flavor and smoky variety that evolves with the high, Northern Lights Shatter serves you a nebulous experience that makes you want to reach out to the stars.

Northern Lights Shatter is a certified heavy hitter that without a doubt overcomes the body in a smooth and fulfilling wave.  You can work through and mellow out some significant causes of depression, as well as unbearable arthritis pain with help from this quality product. This robust indica extracted shatter can please with the high can last for a few hours. Northern Lights Shatter is a great selection for a mellow evening. This extract truly livens the senses once you surround yourself with its piney aroma.

This classic Mary Jane fan-favorite packed into this dank shatter turns your atmosphere into something glowing, radiant, and divine. This shatter adds beautifully to any spiritual rituals or practices that require a heightened state of consciousness. Northern Lights Shatter gives an evolutionary smoke session a new twinkling kind of body banger that makes you feel lifted and brassy. Coming packaged into one gram of a classic bud strain with that spicy-sweet flavor created into an amazing glass-like taffy, Northern Lights Shatter is perfect for a nighttime adventure and can rock your sleeping routine.

Cinderella 99

Cinderella really got the crap end of the stick in her upbringing and in her alter ego weed form she is a potent sativa dominant indica hybrid. Diamond Concentrates presents the Cinderella 99 Shatter packaged in one gram.  With this product, it does not take long to feel the body high, wait for just under a half-hour and you’ll be feeling it full force.  Cinderella 99 Shatter aids marijuana users that may struggle with the effects of ADHD, tremors, consistent quaking, sleep apnea, or other sleep disorders. You can also find relief from headaches and can manage over stimulating or racing thoughts. This shatter and its potency can sedate that almost instantly.

Cinderella 99 Shatter dishes out a pineapple skunk aroma that hypnotizes you into a curious dazed state. It is an adventurous shatter to play around with that has intermediate psychoactive influences. Refocus and revitalize your aura or energy. And don’t forget to keep hydrated and even use eye drops because of such impactful results. Cinderella 99 does not mess around with the high it delivers to all your senses.

This shatter appears tan and translucent, has a dank odor that could fill up any room with this piney tropical scent. And that delicious scent can linger there for a bit. During your smoke session, count on a dreamy intoxication you can use to increase productivity and improve creativity for what projects or art pieces you’ve been struggling to work on. Following the midpoint of your high, some great fits of laughter will overcome you in the funniest way possible. The bud of Cinderella 99 bears an inherent vibrant nature that shines through in the Cinderella 99 Shatter. This shatter is an all-encompassing and boosting mood elevator.

Purple Strawberry

Unique bud strains always pass through the mainstream now and then, and Purple Strawberry immediately stands out as one of those otherworldly strains. It presents a brash hazy purple and dark emerald green nugget with orange strands all throughout.  This shatter comes gleaming with a silky texture. After a few puffs, you will certainly have munchies cravings. With Purple Strawberry Shatter from Diamond Concentrates, you’ll experience this encompassing overall sensation of rest.

Spend your day loosening up in tense social situations, and enjoy being more chatty. This shatter allows you to be keener on your surroundings while positively engaging with others. You’ll even be a bit more humorous. This relaxation tool will not fatigue you or give you that familiar sleeping effect that other strains and cannabis products can do to you sometimes. Purple Strawberry Shatter is crafted from a rare strain that deserves way more credit than it receives.

Purple Strawberry Shatter is easily breakable carrying pungent strawberry undertones with a luscious berry-filled taste. The high engulfs you in a dream as if you’re on a boat aimlessly wandering into some unknown fog of dreams and otherworldly things. You can get lost in your thoughts and truly space out at your own discretion. If you have incessant fatigue or major pains Purple Strawberry Shatter provides an alternative to other topical medications or over the counter products. Diamond Concentrates does its best to allow consumers a range of quality Mary J ingredients, and with Purple Strawberry Shatter, you should anticipate only a sweet, simple, savory high.

Tropicana Cookies

Diamond Concentrates packages this impactful gram of shatter in this exciting festive bag, so you just want to rip that bag right open. Tropicana Cookies Shatter is very unique. The high leaves your senses sharpened. And the flavor is very citrus like in fragrance as well as a dough quality taste that’s very present. Tropicana Cookies Shatter smells a bit like fresh-squeezed orange juice, pulp included and all. And this shatter retains this bright shimmer glow to it.

You can expect to be energized with effects that last for hours. There’s an overall serenity, and creative inspiration mood boosts as your high evolves. Tropicana Cookies Shatter aids marijuana consumers with mood swings, troublesome stress, and anxiety triggers or factors that add to one’s anxiety. The fruity aftertaste puts you in a light and festive mood that has you craving more. It can additionally work as an as-needed sedative remedy to mild insomnia and fatigue.

Perfectly balanced and potent, Tropicana Cookies Shatter should be kept in your purse or back pocket for a lively party or explosive kickback session. The shatter has a hazy shimmer quality to it and breaks apart easily ready for any dab pen. This shatter can grow on you as a popular choice to take mental note of. The sweetness that’s naturally packed in the nugget is intensely extracted into this concentrate in all regards. Diamond Concentrates utilizes clean fresh bud plants to make amazing grade A products such as Tropicana Cookies Shatter. Buy it today and you won’t be disappointed

Snoops Dream

Named after the wonderful multi-talented, cultural stoner icon himself,  Snoop’s Dream Shatter from Diamond Concentrates carries some intense high hopes. You can only get the best from the best and Diamond Concentrates pulls it off yet again with this tactful blend of its parents Master Kush and classic Blue Dream. Snoop’s Dream shatter allows you to gather your thoughts, and become more present. It truly inspires a happier collected mood with an impressive calming sensation.

Robust in taste and high experience, that tiny bit of blueberry flavor tingles throughout for a  full-bodied encounter. Snoop Dogg has added so many important ideas, music, and art to the stoner culture so it’s only right that the bud and shatter in his name delivers beyond other’s expectations. Diamond Concentrates precisely extracts the best THC from this bud to produce that piney aroma to savor from its smoke. Overall this shatter proves itself to be a good influence for work productivity and creative flow.

Additionally, Snoop’s Dream Shatter mitigates feelings of anxiousness or stress that can become more present in the body than what we normally perceive in ourselves. For cannabis consumers searching for marijuana alternatives to DIY or over the counter remedies for things such as simple body aches, leg pain, headaches, and lack of appetite, search no further because Snoop’s Dream Shatter is here to save you. This is a bold shatter to have in a social setting as extra support in carrying a conversation or exploring further recesses of your creative mind during the head high. Snoop’s Dream Shatter from Diamond Concentrates will make you appreciate the cultural icon even more so, and you’ll fall in love with Mary Jane all over again.

Acapulco Gold

Named after the placid ocean side city that resides in Mexico, Acapulco Gold Shatter is an extract that has become increasingly popular over the past two decades. Today, in its shatter from presents from Diamond Concentrates, you will encounter a vigorous high that makes you feel golden! This shatter holds a slightly singed toffee candy taste that fosters a decent smoky flavor and it’s favorable throughout the high.

Acapulco Gold Shatter is commonly used by people that suffer from PTSD or anxiety disorders, easing any racing thoughts or overbearing triggers. With a range of daytime uses, this shatter is easily a fan favorite. However, do use caution as it can cause some agitation and paranoia if too much is taken in one sitting or session. Just like the city of Acapulco, this shatter is resilient in that powerful effects last for a while. Its peppery, acidic citrus, earthy aroma is inviting and warm. But if you do happen to smoke too much you will definitely feel the world spin for a few minutes so manage to keep hydrated to avoid cotton mouth and mild dry eyes.

Acapulco Gold Shatter from Diamond Concentrates comes packaged as this dazzling glassy gold drip one gram piece. It has the potential to brighten your mood just by its brittle glossy gold look and smooth texture. With a high from this shatter, you can expect your visions and thoughts to be unclouded. Making this shatter viable for social events and hunkering down on a recreational project. The smoke reminds you of this sour pine haziness and it is such a pleasant feeling. Try some of this dope Acapulco Gold Shatter from Diamond Concentrates as soon as possible, for it’s so totally worth it.

Willy’s Wonder

A whimsical wander moment turns anyone downtrodden days or sadness into a curious adventure of obscurity and childlike wonder. With Willy’s Wonder Shatter from Diamond Concentrates you can expect this surge of refreshing and lovely energy that opens up that cerebral high. This bud has already proven itself to be an intoxicating strain so as a shatter it is not meant for first-time cannabis users.

Willy’s Wonder Shatter captures an evolving high with a punchy sour citrusy taste. This classic cannabis bud was named after the wacky Willy Wonka himself and all his dangerous and peculiar contraptions. Slow inhales from this shatter creates a foggy head high that makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in a hug that can nullify your tender muscles and back spasms, clear your thought processing, and generally open you up more socially, mentally, and spiritually.

Willy’s Wonder has grown to be a less commonly used strain of bud since a steady decline in its popularity from the 1970s and 80s, until now. However, Diamond Concentrates’ ability to bring back this classic stoner staple is evident in the heaviness of the shatter extract itself. The euphoria you embrace once the high peaks can keep you boosted and energetic for any social gathering or a slow day at work. It has so many great daytime uses. This extract comes powerfully packaged into one gram of the concentrate and it will taste and feel like a throwback to watching That 70s Show. Enjoy Willy’s Wonder Shatter from Diamond Concentrates.

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