Diamond BHO Shatter


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Diamond BHO Shatter

What is Diamond BHO Shatter?

Shatter is an extract, which is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s produced using a combination of weed plant materials and solvents. The appearance of shatter weed is typically translucent, though its coloring can range from bright honeylike amber to a darker yellow shade like olive oil.

Diamond Concentrates is Canada’s premier seed-to-sale extract company. Each gram of their product is grown and processed in-house. This allows Diamond Concentrates to stringently control each and every process in the production of their product. If you are looking for quality and reliability with an exceptional selection of medical cannabis extracts then choose products from Diamond Concentrates.

Diamond Concentrates offers a very wide selection of strains so you don’t have to look elsewhere to find the medical effects that you need to get the relief you need to be happy and healthy.

You’ll only need a small piece of this rich Diamond BHO Shatter to extract to sink down into a deep state of relaxation. Is well known for its potent psychoactive effects.

How to consume Shatter?

Shatter can be dabbed, but not all dabs are considered to be shattered. Referred to as “dabbing,” this popular method involves a small water pipe called a rig with a flat bowl, and a “nail,” which is designed to tolerate high temperatures. In this case, the consumer would be dabbing shatter, but other forms of concentrates can also be considered as dabs.

How to store Shatter?

Ideally shatters are best stored in the fridge (avoid deep freezers). With time and moisture in the air, the shatter may turn into a wax, butter-like consistency. This doesn’t mean the shatter has gone bad, it is a natural evolution of the product over time.


Sunshine Daydream (Indica), Purple Candy (Indica), Strawberry Cheesecake (Indica), Strawberry Fields (Indica), Sunset (Indica), Pot of Gold (Indica), Hurricane (Sativa), Full Moon (Sativa), Cosmic Collision (Sativa), Pink Cookies (Hybrid), Blueberry Haze (Hybrid), Pink Panther (Hybrid), Magic Melon (Hybrid), Midnight (Hybrid), Tangerine Dream (Hybrid)


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