Pure Vape Pen Disposable


Pure Vape Pen Disposable

Pure Vape Pen Disposable. After three solid puffs, I noticed the flavor was obviously not cannabis-derived; it tasted like a tobacco vape because of the added flavoring. Disappointing, since I was expecting more of a sweet apple pie taste.


The non-cannabis flavors made me a little queasy so I couldn’t use it for long. Even though the brand makes eleven other disposable flavors, I don’t feel compelled to try them.


In spite of Pure Vape’s claim, it’s impossible to gauge the quality of their “triple-distilled, solvent-free cannabis oil.” As mentioned, there’s no window to see the oil’s color and viscosity. There are also no lab test results included, leaving me to question this product from the start.


This disposable vape pen is definitely an effective hybrid high; with more head than body. Based on my gentle giggly feelings, it seems to lean on the sativa side.


Pure Vape says this pen is good for about 120 uses at 300mg of cannabis oil, which is slightly less than most disposables. Given that three pulls had me “feeling it,” I’d say this sounds about right.


For about $25, you do get a certain “bang for your buck.” I personally wouldn’t buy it again as neither the packaging nor the oil met my expectations.


Nonetheless, this price it’s worth trying if you like easily and quickly vaping non-cannabis flavors. At that price, it could be sweet to offer as an adult “party favor” for your cannabis-curious friends.

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Packaging: 1/5

Simply a generic, thin plastic tube with a rubber stopper in the top.
The stopper fell off in the bag from the dispensary, so it doesn’t provide the best protection.


Labeling: 1/5

Product name, health, and government warnings, brief ingredients, THC content in milligrams; hardly any information.
Small print and limited space made info tough to read.
More space is given to a picture of an apple with a cinnamon stick than pertinent info.
Left me with more questions than answers.


Cartridge Quality: 3/5

An all-in-one, oil-filled, disposable vape pen that seems to be made from plastic and metal.
Has a light on the bottom to let you know it’s working.
The mouthpiece’s round shape isn’t very comfortable in your mouth and can be hard to distinguish from the bottom of the vape.


Taste: 2/5

Tastes as advertised without being super sweet.
Cannabis is completely masked by added flavors.
Tastes like a tobacco vape instead.


Vapor Quality: 3/5

Some coughing and throat irritation after three pulls.


Oil Quality: 1/5

The absence of a window prevents seeing the oil.
Lab testing info is not available.
I can only assume the worst.


Effectiveness: 3/5

Definitely, an effective hybrid head-high that seems to be sativa-dominant.
After a few hits, I felt a little nauseous from the “flavors” that definitely were not cannabis-derived.


Ease of Use: 4.5/5

Incredibly easy to use; no button. Just inhale and watch the light activate.
Little light shines to tell you that you’re doing it right.
The flashy neon/apple green color makes it noticeable, which can make vaping difficult. There’s no hiding it!


Consistency: 3/5

Personally, these are consistently not pleasurable to vape; but if you like “flavored” vapes, you might consistently like this.


Price: 3/5

I wouldn’t jump at the chance to buy this again. However, the $25 price makes it worth a try if you like vaping non-cannabis flavors.

Overall Rating: 2.45


When it comes to my two key factors, Pure Vape’s 300mg Apple Cinnamon Fizz disposable has not disappointed me. The downsides outweighed its positives, which are ease of use, convenience, and effectiveness (I felt elevated after three hits).


While I found this consistently displeasing, if you’re a fan of “flavored” vapes and don’t care much about what’s in yours, you might enjoy Pure Vape’s line of disposable vape pens. Maybe their more traditional vape cartridges rank higher in both my categories and beyond.

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