Gorilla Bomb Kush Strain


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Gorilla Bomb Kush Strain Review


energizing, physical high, creative, relaxing, uplifting, dry mouth, and eyes

May Relieve:

stress, muscle spasms, chronic pain, fatigue, cramps, arthritis, mood swings, migraines, headaches, bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, depression, loss of appetite, insomnia, muscle spasms

3 Highlights of Gorilla Bombs

  • Hard-hitting potency and super heavy high
  • Delivers a lifted energetic high that leaves you focused and creative
  • Identifiable chocolate diesel flavor


Gorilla Bomb Kush Strain is a strong weed strain with a hard-hitting and super-heavy high. This Sativa dominant strain has an identifiable chocolate diesel flavor. It delivers a lifted energetic high that leaves users creative and focused.

THC levels in Gorilla Bomb Strain range between 20-27%%, making it a highly effective remedy for migraines, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Gorilla Bomb weed strain has also been shown to ease depression, stress, and mental disorders.

This hybrid was created by crossing Gorilla Glue #4 with the legendary THC Bomb. It is 60% Sativa/40% Indica that packs all the necessary ingredients that constitute a great medicinal strain.

Gorilla Bomb Kush Strain also has an incredible flavor profile. It has an identifiable chocolate diesel flavor with a sour pine undertone. Its beautiful nugs produce a perfectly uplifting and relaxing high that makes the hybrid the perfect daytime and evening strain.

We highly encourage users not to smoke too much in one sitting as Gorilla Bombs may induce some nasty side effects.  Consider starting with a small dose and gradually work your way up until you find the right dosage for you.

Gorilla Bomb Effects

This energizing and uplifting weed strain is perfect for errands and other daily activities. You may also smoke Gorilla Bomb Strain when you don’t have much to do. Note that it’s high and can be extremely deadening, especially when you smoke past your tolerance level so watch out for that.

Nonetheless, this hybrid is guaranteed to the uplift spirit and induce a state of pure bliss. Gorilla Bomb weed strain, therefore, makes for the perfect choice for chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.

Grow Info

Gorilla Bomb Strain is fairly resistant to pests and diseases. The hybrid also has a fairly short flowering period and can produce a sizable yield per meter square. Gorilla Bombs are remarkably easy to cultivate, and they can thrive both indoors and outdoors.

New cannabis growers and hobbyists looking for something easy to cultivate should definitely try Gorilla Bomb. In addition to being fairly easy to grow, under the right conditions, it can produce a sizable amount of consumable herbs.

Growers are encouraged to ensure their growing plants receive sufficient light and warmth. Importantly, to avoid weighing down the plants, the branches may require some extra support since the buds can be super dense, oversized, and heavy.

Flowering time for Gorilla Bomb Strain is about 8-9 weeks. Growers can expect up to 20 ounces of consumable herb per square meter.

Medical Uses of Gorilla Bomb Marijuana Strain

Due to Gorilla Bomb’s above-average levels of THC and CBD, it is widely used in the medical field. The strain may relieve a whole range of minor and major health issues, including joint pains and headaches.

Gorilla Bomb Strain has also been shown to ease migraines, muscle spasms, and arthritis.

Cancer patients will find much-needed relief in Gorilla Bomb Strain thanks to its ability to ease the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Do you struggle with mood disorders? Gorilla Bomb Strain is the right strain for you. It delivers strong uplifting and stimulating effects that may improve your overall mood. The hybrid also produces a strong sense of euphoria that’s perfect for stress and racing thoughts.

Other medical uses of Gorilla Bomb Kush Strain include treating mental disorders including PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and bipolar disorder. It may also ease inflammation, arthritis, nausea, and depression.

Possible Side Effects

Expect some side effects when you smoke Gorilla Bomb Strain. Like any other cannabis strain, Gorilla Bombs may induce dry eyes and dry mouth. On rare occasions, the hybrid may cause dizziness and paranoia.

Due to the potent effects produced by Gorilla Bomb, users are advised to start with a small dose and gradually increase their dosage with time.

Final Thoughts

Gorilla Bomb Strain is an amazing medicinal strain. The 60% Sativa/30% Indica hybrid comes with a THC level of up to 18% and a sizable CBD level. It has fluffy and spade-shaped nugs that deliver a strong cerebral and physical high.

Gorilla Bomb Strain is both uplifting and relaxing. It produces long-lasting effects that may relieve nausea, stress, insomnia, migraines, and headaches. This Sativa dominant strain may also treat inflammation, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

Have you ever smoked Gorilla Bomb weed strain? Please share your experience with the bud in the comments section below. You can also check out Wedding Cake premium strain


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