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Is it strawberries, bananas, and or kiwis, who doesn’t love fruit? And if you have ever tried Boost’s strawberry-flavored and THC-dosed gummies you know you’re in for a real treat. Talk about a juicy and refreshing sugar high. These cleanly prepped and packed THC 150mg sweet bites are a great way to start off any morning, get pumped for a joyous walk, or just a great mood enhancement.

Strawberries are known for their fresh, crisp, and watery taste. With Strawberry flavored gummies from Boost, you’ll have that same fresh taste bud experience with an amazing THC follow-up with every bite! Take this lovely gummy with you for summer day outings and unwind with the sweet aroma of your new favorite THC-dosed gummy! These amazing Strawberry gummies include a quality dose of THC (Hybrid) distillate with the perfect touch of sweet fruity goodness crafted for the best grade high consumers may seek.

Fruit flavors like strawberry aren’t for everyone, but for those who enjoy a tender juicy start or mood enhancer, then Boost Strawberry Gummies are for you! Kick your feet up and pop a few of these juicy chunks and enjoy the sweet high that leaves you relaxed and in good spirits! These gummies give you the perks of a fruity sugar high with a quality experience THC infused high.

清脆的草莓口感和无与伦比的兴奋感,您还想要什么呢?Boost's 草莓软糖包装低调,方便携带,随时为您提供。何不尝尝这小小的大麻糖呢?


You got to love classic flavors! We’ve all had the same old grapes, orange, strawberry-flavored candies, and pops from our childhood, but nothing like this!  With Boost’s Sour Green Apple Gummies, you can expect a juicy tight bite that will leave your tongue buzzing. The THC-fueled sour green apple gummies can give you a quick and quality high that leaves you feeling a tingly elation.

Unlike other edible gummies, you don’t have to worry about tough chewing, or crumby sour sugar falling off everywhere. The Sour Green Apple Gummies carry a punch with each bite where you don’t have to fight to chew or grow anxious about the high! Fifteen 150mg THC-infused bites come packed and ready for your taking. It comes neatly packed in a cute tin container making it a great compact carrier to keep handy in your purse, book bag, or back pocket! You can whip this bad boy out on a fun night car ride or even on a nice chill day on the promenade.

这些软软的酸味软糖是嚼劲十足的辣味零食的完美组合! 时不时来点酸味是很有必要的,何不让酸青苹果成为您的下一个最爱,或者当您独自一人或与同伴们闲聊时,随身携带它?

因此,在您猜测自己的想法之前,请立即购买 Boost 的酸味青苹果软糖,开始下一次令人惊叹的强效兴奋之旅!


正值炎炎夏日,喝一杯冰镇饮料也许会让人神清气爽。但即使是最精致的夏日饮料,也比不上 Boost 的酸西瓜 THC 软糖!这些酸酸的小方块能让您感受到 15 个 150 毫克的小方块所带来的所有熟悉的夏日烹饪体验。Boost 将西瓜的香味与酸味完美地融合在一起,每次服用都能摄入适量的 THC。

Watermelon has been universally recognized as summertime or perfect weather day fruit! Unlike other fruit flavorings, Boost’s Sour Watermelon effortlessly provides a much-needed burst of grade-A high with tanging juicy bites. Nothing’s wrong with a little dapple on the sour side of the summertime. Enhance your summertime and outdoor vibes with these awesome sweet pieces!

Made with star-quality ingredients including perfectly potent THC (Hybrid) distillate and sweet sugar, when you add the tarty sour flavor, you are in for a treat of the taste buds and of the mind! Uplift your mind and mood with these pieces of sour elation and relaxation. Enjoy the 100% watermelon aroma while cruising on a quick high. This small THC dose provides a manageable high that leaves you still feeling alert yet euphoric. And the tart sour taste keeps you alert!

Boost 的酸西瓜软糖是一种新鲜的户外食品!你会感到舌头发麻,轻飘飘的,让人彻底放松。

Sometimes things that pack the most punch come in small packages. Boost’s Cherry Gummies with THC does justice to consumers’ important THC experience. A classic cherry taste delivers a juicy dosed high that shows your body a new way to wind down. These gummies come ready to be taken with you on your way to the gym, the office, or on a chill outing. Packaged with fifteen 150mg bites, you can expect a cool world of ease.


Boost’s Cherry Gummies with THC leads you to a pleasant repose where you can feel less tense. The bright red gummy candy tastes wonderful along with other of Boost’s delicious fruity flavors! You can use this THC product for moments of major anxiety or short instances where you feel your body doesn’t want to cooperate with you. The perfectly matched low THC dosage combined with insanely awesome taste allows you to gain that control through a clean THC experience. These gummies pass along awesome flavor, stress management, and alleviate anxiety patterns that would otherwise spoil your mental awareness and emotional well-being.

今天就花点时间来探索一下 Boost's Cherry Gummies(樱桃软糖)的果味逃逸,这款软糖独特地使用了少量但完美匹配的 THC 分离物。您将有另一种选择,它可以帮助您进行一系列的药物治疗、身体控制和缓解!这些软糖散发着奢华的樱桃香气,每咬一口都能让您感受到甜美的安宁,其中含有大量的 THC(四氢大麻酚)自我保健成分。


Boost Blue Raspberry 软糖适合任何时候食用!非常适合长途跋涉,或与一本好书和熊熊炉火相依相偎。


Is there a better feeling in the world than cracking open an ice-cold cola on a hot summer’s day? Well, now you can have a taste of summer all year round with our brand-new Cola THC Gummies!

The same delicious taste you expect, with a fraction of the calories and the added benefit of lab-tested THC distillate to give you an experience no soda ever could!

Boost Edibles gummies are tasty, juicy, naturally flavored, and are made with care and the best ingredients to deliver an excellent, consistent dosage in every bite.

关于 Boost Edibles

Boost 是一家加拿大大麻公司,致力于通过他们的四氢大麻酚或 CBD 熏制美食,为您带来优质、纯净和有效的大麻。虽然 Boost 在大麻界还是一家新公司,但凭借其美味诱人的产品系列和优质成分,Boost 很快就声名鹊起。但是,不要只听我们的一面之词!请阅读下文,了解他们的公司、他们的使命以及他们所提供的一切。

谁说 THC 和 CBD 不能美味?Boost 向大麻世界证明,无论药效多强,食用品也可以像日常糖果一样美味。

Boost 是一个大麻品牌,由和您一样热爱大麻的加拿大人拥有和经营,他们在这里向全国人民展示他们所能提供的一切。Boost 专门生产纯手工制作的食用大麻,为您提供全天候的服务。Boost 只在每件产品中添加最高品质的蒸馏提取物,为您带来值得信赖的纯正享受。

Boost 使用有机、非转基因和未经动物测试的产品,具有道德和可持续发展的形象,是我们所有人都值得拥有的大麻公司。从种子到土壤再到食用,您可以相信您得到的是全天然、以植物为基础的食物,您的身心都将从中受益--只要您没有吃得太多。

Boost prides itself on providing a powerful boost of health and wellness to your everyday routines. With so many different brands and products available on the market today, finding a company you can trust is becoming more difficult every day. That’s exactly why Boost was created.

该公司将质量和透明度放在首位,你永远不会猜测到自己买到的是什么样的产品。无论是在包装上还是在网站上,他们的每件产品都标榜着经过特别挑选的成分,这些成分有助于增加其药丸的美味和强烈效果。这样,您就可以专门寻找只含有您最想食用的成分的药片,而完全避免食用其他成分。如今,许多公司似乎都把他们的大麻产品配方当作秘密。但是,为什么呢?Boost 的信念恰恰相反。

A plant as powerful as marijuana deserves to be celebrated as such. Instead of picking and choosing to just focus on CBD, Boost gives their customers variety. Each of their expertly crafted edibles comes in a THC or CBD option, being made with premium distillates and isolates to get the absolute most of the chosen cannabinoids. By doing this, Boost’s tasty treats are highly concentrated and, even better, incredibly potent. For those of you looking for some of the purest CBD or even purest THC in Canada, we may have found it.

Good-tasting edibles can be unfortunately hard to come by. Often, you’re fooled by the promise of rich chocolate or fruity blasts and then… cannabis. The weed flavors inside edibles can easily overwhelm the treat if not careful enough, almost ruining the edible experience entirely. Thankfully, edibles simply don’t have to taste like the marijuana plant; rather, they exude flavors like sour watermelon, cherry, or milk chocolate, allowing you to completely forget you’re eating cannabis. This is Boost’s specialty.

在他们的网站上,你可以找到各种口味的各种药片,吸引着每一个味蕾。这些美食药丸的价格适合日常消费,甚至有五盒左右的包装,让您可以根据需要囤货。在他们的软糖和巧克力中,还蕴藏着一种 1,500 毫克的 CBD 酊剂。CBD酊剂,没有任何味道,只含有两种成分:有机 MCT 油和 CBD 分离物。

无论您是对浓郁的牛奶巧克力四氢大麻酚糖果棒感兴趣,还是对一罐酸西瓜 CBD 软糖感兴趣,甚至是对几滴高浓度 CBD 油感兴趣,Boost 都能为您提供,还有更多,等着您来尝试。

虽然他们的每一种选择都含有健康剂量的 CBD 或 THC 蒸馏物,但 Boost 的药食同源产品吃起来肯定不会有这种味道。取而代之的是,您会发现自己沉浸在天然的柑橘香味中,如果您愿意,还可以品尝到黑巧克力和奶油巧克力的味道。每咬一口,您都会被 Boost 优美的口味所吸引,同时还能掩盖您可能会遇到的任何大麻味道。不过,不要因为这些药片吃起来不像大麻,就忘了它的存在!你不需要吃掉整包这些强效糖果;事实上,它们非常强效,可能只需要一颗就够了。

Boost is also beginning to dabble into the world of tinctures, as they offer one 1,500 mg. CBD oil. This Natural tincture is appropriately named, as the product contains zero added ingredients, flavors, or chemicals. Instead, it is just organic MCT oil and pure CBD isolate. Without any extra bells and whistles, this oil is as premium and as pure as it gets. No matter why you turn to CBD tinctures, Boost will give you all of that and more.

最后,我们不能忘记 Boost 特制的樱桃和青苹果蘑菇软糖。没错,这些神奇的糖果每包含有一克蘑菇,让您随心所欲地去旅行。口味微妙,效果强烈--很明显,Boost 知道如何吸引所有顾客。

Boost 以合理的价格和不同的浓度供应给您,是您日常或睡前的完美伴侣。Boost 能够满足您对美味食品的一切需求,是一个值得关注的大麻品牌。

只要您是加拿大公民,并能提供适当的身份证明,Boost 的手工制作的食用产品(或全天然酊剂)都是您可以品尝的,您只需下单即可。花点时间,尽情享受他们富含大麻的优质产品,无论是 CBD 还是 THC,尽情享受 Boost 为您提供的一切。

Whether you want to try something new or are hoping for a natural way to alleviate pain and gain mental clarity, with proven anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, Boost products are the best in what’s wellness.


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