Semi di luce del nord

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Semi di luce del nord

Indoor Bliss Awaits with Northern Light Seeds

Nome del ceppo: Northern Light

Background genetico: Afghani x Thai

Tipo: Femminilizzato

Contenuto di THC: 18%

Contenuto di CBD: Basso

Rapporto Indica/Sativa: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

Tempo di fioritura: 7 – 9 weeks

Mese del raccolto: Fine settembre

Altezza (interna): 2 to 3 feet

Altezza (all'aperto): 3 to 5 feet

Resa (indoor): 14 to 17 oz/m²

Resa (all'aperto): 17 to 21 oz/plant

Preferenza climatica: Cool Temperate

Effetto: Relaxing, Euphoric, Happy

Profilo aromatico: Earthy, Sweet, Spicy

Why Choose Northern Light Seeds?

  1. Legendary Genetics: Northern Light is a classic strain known for its robust genetics and consistent performance. It’s a favorite among growers worldwide.
  2. Easy to Grow: Novice growers will appreciate Northern Light’s resilience and straightforward cultivation. Expect compact, resinous buds.
  3. Relaxation Central: Enjoy a calming body high that melts away stress and promotes relaxation.
A close up of Northern Light Seeds.
A close up of Northern Light Seeds.

How to Grow Northern Light:

  • Coltivazione indoor: Maintain temperatures around 70°F (21°C) during flowering. Prune and train for optimal yields.
  • Coltivazione all'aperto: Harvest in late September. Ideal for cooler climates.

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